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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sony E3 2012 Press Conference

So we have covered EA and Microsoft (not particularly in that order). Now we move onto another big-wig of the gaming industry.... Sony... The creator of the now legendary PS-2, and the herald of the rise of the consoles. Sony had a lot to show off this year, right from God Of War: Ascension to Naughty's Dog very own Last Of Us and beyond to their PS Vita exclusive Assassin's Creed 3. There was also this new hardware for PS-3, the wonderbook I think they called it. But we will get to that with time. Or you can just skip reading what I though of all this and just watch the conference below.. and tell me what you thought of all this.

First thing that I want to talk about is PlayStation All Stars. Actually I don't, instead I will just ask you to go through this comic  has made, and probably you would get the idea. I mean fine you want to rip-off a game, almost every gamer knows or at least has heard about, but please be truthful about it. You see that demo, and the first thing that comes to mind is Super Smash Bros. Maybe I am just mad that Kratos lost in the demo they showed ( I mean come on... that guy is the God Of War for a reason) but the way they say this is an original idea pitting all of Play Station's characters in a four-way dance in all out brawl, in a way no-one has ever thought about... and you know he is lying. Anyways check out the comic below, and if you like it, please do follow, (by clicking on the pic) Alex on his site as well, that guy has a sense of humor for sure.Here is the permalink:
Play Station All Star Vs Super Smash Bros. (Corpse Run Comic)
PlayStation All Stars Vs. Super Smash Bros

Okay from the totally disappointing to the totally awesome, and here there are a few to take notice of. The first of them is obviously God Of War: Ascension. Kratos ushered me into mature gaming, and even though I own a X-Box now, the God Of War still remains my most favorite franchise of all time. So anyways, this game is a prequel to the trilogy and shows how things got bad between Kratos and Ares, and how all the madness started. I would tell you more, that's the graphics are still awesome, the game-play is still visceral, and Kratos is still kicking some mythological ass.But rather if you are a Kratos fan boy ( I just made that up), check out the trailer below and tell me if it ain't awesome.

Next up, is Beyond: Two Souls. Quantic Dream's next magnums opus after Heavy Rain. The game is a mix of Resident Evil and Silent Hill from what I can tell. All serious business it seemed, serious enough for the Quantic people to hire(for want of a better word) Ellen Paige to model their protagonist on. Here is how she looks in the game:

The game looks nice (that goes without saying these days), and I couldn't tell what kind of game-play it was cause they didn't really show it. Though I am not really interested in this one, Sony is putting a lot of push into this IP, so you better watch out.

Next up, is the Last Of Us. This is Naughty's Dog latest outing after the ground breaking Uncharted series, and this one doesn't look like it will disappoint either.The game is placed in an apocalyptic world, with the onus on survival of a man and teenager as they make their way through a now wild city. The reason for the apocalypse is unknown for now, and if it has something to do with viruses, I haven't seen any infected zombies as of yet, so your guess is good as mine. The game-play on display was interesting, it showed off different tactics that the protagonist used to take down foes (other ruffians trying to survive any way possible). And tell you what that teenage girl ain't just a courier, she can kill, cold blooded style I tell you. Watch the game-play video below if you don't believe me.

As I try to end this article about Sony's latest E3 attempt. I need to mention, Assassins's Creed exclusive port to PS Vita, and the announcement of 5 PS Vita exclusive games. Also a host PS-One games are coming to the Vita. Yes that's right the handheld console is powerful enough for PS-1 games( remember the time when PS-1 had the best graphics ever). This looks like Sony's attempt to give the PS Vita a much needed shot in the arm.With all the competition it gets from the mobile gaming industry, it needs everything that Sony has.

I know it would not be a complete review until I talk about the Wonderbook (Do I have to?). Well if you must know, its a new hardware, that Sony is gonna be pushing soon, as an add-on for its PS-3. Its supposed to simulate a book, and as you tilt it towards the camera, the screen will show you what is supposed to be on  the book, only more animated and interactive. I wasn't really impressed by the demo, and while it did seem to be targeted towards a kid audience( and I am not one), I am not sure if it would help Sony, I mean isn't that Nintendo's market. Sony makes games like GOW, Uncharted, Last Of Us, and then they produce the Wonder-book. I didn't even want to finish that last sentence.

That about wraps up the conference. Sony's wasn't that bad to say the truth, it wasn't all game, but it wasn't all non-game(read Microsoft) either. All in all Sony has more to look forward to this year, and I predict a comeback for the console.

Ayush 'Kabel' Chauhan

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