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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ubisoft/Nintendo E-3 Press Conference 2012

So for my final post involving the E3, I decide to merge together the most uninteresting ( for me) and the most interesting (for everyone) conferences that took place in this year's E3: Nintendo and Ubisoft respectively.

Well in a way actually. You know cause Nintendo didn't really had anything to float my boat this year, I am not even gonna write a paragraph about its conference, or about its game, and just throw you guys the link to the conference itself. Oh but before I do, a word for its host whose name escapes me was probably the most fun guy to be hosting across all conferences. And yes another before I give you the video, hardcore gamers are slowly losing hope in Nintendo. The conference is below:

Moving to the most talked about conference of the year, I present to you: Ubisoft. Ubisoft kind of knocked out the winds of the rest with Watchdogs. The game which sounds almost like "Sleeping Dogs" (which is coming out this year and I am very excited about) was the best kept secret of the conference and also its biggest surprise.The game demo (the game itself should be out in the next 2 years or so) just swept everyone off their feet with its detailed game-play, smooth transitional game-play and videos, and the intriguing premise that the game was all about.If you don't know it yet, the game is about a guy who uses the technology all around us as a weapon to his ends. In the demo, it looked like his ends were benevolent, but you never know. The reason however, the game became the talking point of the conference was because it was so well hidden. Everyone knew that Sony will introduce GoW:Ascension, EA will reveal Dead-Space 3, and Microsoft Halo-4. So when people went into these conferences, they expected something which was as good as what had come before it,and so even if it was it didn't get applauded that much.Watchdogs, pack as much as it does in quality as it does in surprise appeal. Here is a game, well-hidden, unknown to every single reporter sitting in that room, and bang... its awesome too. Watchdogs went from E3 best kept secret to most talked about in a matter of drooling graphic, action packed minutes, no wonder it was the grand finale to the conference that turned the most heads.Watch the game-play trailer below if you don't believe me:

Next up, and what in the conference was first up is Far-Cry 3. The game's 3 installment was first introduced an year later at E3 itself, this time however, the paradise is here to consume you (the game releases on November 29 this year). Once again the hell in paradise theme returns, as you find yourself trapped on a tropical island, "Descending into into insanity" (As the game calls it). The trailer's so far haven't focused on the protagonist Jason, as much as they have on Vaas, the man to beat to beat the game (hopefully). The game is a FPS, but has some interesting set-pieces, exploring the fractured psyche of the hero in peril (think those Max-Payne blood-lines level, only more colorful). If I buy this game, which I intend to, this will be my first time in Far-Cry territory, so here is to fingers crossed and hopes up. Find the trailer below:

From current days islands in peril to historic revolutions, we arrive at Assassin's Creed 3. Now that Azio's trilogy is over, we have a new assassin for Desmond to control and his name is, Connor or Ratonhnhaké:ton (pronounced "Ra-doon-ha-gay-doon"), whatever fits your fancy. This game as all the others before it are surrounded by historical figures and historical events, with a generous amount of fictional assassin action interspersed.This time its the American revolution which serves as the background for the half-Native Assassin as he meets people like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, and goes to places like Boston and Philadelphia. The conference had a gameplay trailer to show for their efforts till now, and it went something like this:

The last game I want to talk about, is Splinter Cell: Blacklist. The game was showcased at both Sony's and Microsoft's press conference, so you can imagine, Ubisoft are really pulling out all the stops for Fisher this time round. The game-play trailer shows Sam Fisher taking on a terrorist camp in hopes of retrieving info about a certain Blacklist which contains the names of targets that the terrorists have their sights set on. While the story might be bleak, the game-play wasn't classic Splinter Cell. It had a more FPS shoot at sight feel to it rather than a stealthy kill and disappear Splinter Cell is used to. Me however, I like this change, I have never been a great silent killer kind of guy, so this game is much more in m alley than any of its predecessors. Hopefully this one will keep me interested longer than its first act. Check out the latest Fisher trailer below:

Well, that about wraps it up. Apart from the big-wigs I already mentioned, Ubisoft announced some others like Rayman Legends and Zombi-U. There was something to do with Avengers too, but these were more focused on the mobile gaming devices rather than the consoles. To catch up anything that I have missed, watch the conference for yourself:

So that about wraps up my coverage of E3 2012. It did take time, but I am so proud that I have finished what I started, that I am gonna pat myself on the back for this. Thanks for anyone who read, and see you around.
Signing Off,
Ayush "Kabel" Chauhan

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