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Friday, June 8, 2012

EA Press Conference E3 2012

So, from Microsoft we will move to EA.

EA my dear friends stand for Electronic Arts. In the gaming industry it also stands for the biggest game production house on the face of this earth. With studios in USA, Canada, Australia, across Europe and Asia, EA is like the Undertaker of Gaming i.e. even if you are not into gaming, you must have heard about them.

EA's USP has always been Big Sponsorship deals with Big Sports Associations (NFL, Fifa, NHL to name a few) and it was on display this year too with trailers of both Fifa'13 and  Madden'13.

This year however, there were some IPs which are not sports related. Dead Space 3 comes to mind immediately. The super hit cross media series has become one of EA's most money making ventures, and the first game-play on offer during the conference showing off Drop-in and Drop-out Co-Op Campaign, showed no signs of letting its fan down. A new frozen planet, new spider like necromorphs, and a new protagonist (Issac is till there and kicking ass, so don't sweat) all make for a new experience which I am willing to spend my money on. A lot of fans think that making the game Co-Op will take away from the fear factor of the game. While it may be true in some way, I think I will give the game a chance first before branding it as non-scary. Check out the Dead Space 3 trailer below:

Moving on, the other big news was that UFC is now EA. That's right UFC licenses have been bought for a "Multi Year; Multi Product" based deal (that's what the guy in the suit said) while Dana White was ecstatic that he is finally made it to EA(which he mentioned like 4 times in the 5 minutes he was on stage). UFC games were until recently made by THQ, but with THQ's current financial trouble, they decided to concentrate on their core brands(Darksiders, Saint's Row) and let UFC  go into EA's hands. So now that UFC is one of the many sports brand attached to EA expect yearly outings for the brawler instead of more far apart releases from THQ.

Next on the list is NFS: Most Wanted. This NFS game is being made by Criterion this time round (guys who made the last Hot-Pursuit), and this time they draw inspiration from perhaps the most watershed NFS game ever, you guessed it, The Most Wanted. The game is gonna be an Open world "Cops chase you while you race" game with the blacklist concept from the earlier game shaping into a Multi-player score board from the Single-Player campaign it was earlier. So this time when you earn points or "heat", you move up on a scoreboard which includes your friends playing the game too, the ultimate aim being to become the Most Wanted among your friends. Apart from that, the game looked good(NFS rarely has looked otherwise) and that's all I want to talk about cars for now. Check out the gameplay trailer below:

Along with this the conference had announcement for Fifa'13 and Madden'13 both boasting of all new physics and improved realistic game-play. The only news here is that you will be able to carry your profile from Fifa'12 to Fifa'13 and carry on from the same level. There was however, a video used as a Madden'13 intro, which I absolutely loved. Check it out below and tell me how you liked it:

Wrapping up,Battlefield 3 announced new DLCs and a new premium service, while Star Wars: Old Republic also announced new missions, new species, and a brand new planet for their MMORPG. I am sorry if I am not paying much attention to them, but I am not really of fan of either, and I dont think new DLC are worth a press conference. So that's that... this is what EA has to offer to its fan during the nest 12 months. I am excited about Dead Space 3, while all the others were typical EA announcements. Check out the the complete conference below, just to confirm if I missed something.:

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