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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lazy Inspired, Diwali and Unimportant Updates

I am beginning to think that some people actually read what I jot down here, so here is me telling you what's happening all around (not that you would care much).

Starting off, Happy Diwali everyone; I know its kind of late, but I was busy traveling and then busy sleeping that travel off. By the way this was the third time in a row that I was not with my family on Diwali (which is like Hindu Christmas, so its a big deal), so if you were there, just know you had something special, and if you weren't, know you are not alone out there. Oh and by the way, all the elitist that keep on telling me that I should have a green and peaceful Diwali, we will talk when you have switched off your refrigerators and air-conditioners(believe me its taking a lot, keeping that to one line).

Happy Diwali

Okay first up, Vaultmix is back up. Yeah that's right, the site which was supposed to share my blogging load (and then conveniently shut down last month) is back up, and what more all my hard-Googled content is restored as well. This little phase where I thought I would lose all my work on the site because of the re-vamp, taught me a lesson, of backing up your work, especially if you are as lazy as me and probably won't replicate it anytime in the future. So I would be backing up all my blog work soon, as soon as I shake off the laziness from me. On a similar note, I would try to digitize all my stories for the nth time, and hopefully you would soon see them lying around somewhere.

Lessons apart, the site looks all kind of awesome and you should check it out as soon as possible.Gonna post a perma-link on this blog somewhere too, now that we seemed to have settled on a standard logo for the web site.I will be posting something that's been on my mind on it some time soon, so be sure to check that space, and give me some love.

The other thing that I have wanted to brag about for a while now is the fact that I have now officially crossed 10,000 G on my X-box. Reached the pretty figure of an exact 10,000 recently while playing Mass-Effect, and I need to confess that I didn't play for a few days just to keep that ideal number on my gamer-card. So yes I am kind of proud these days. Check out my history by clicking on my gamer-card on the right.

Moving on, I was thinking of starting a simple business of renting games out locally, since I don't really re-play any of my games, and I just hate the thought of selling them. Once again, I don't know how that is gonna work out, given my crazy level of laziness and freakish low duration of attention span. I have some other ideas fluttering about in my head, but right now I think this blog is probably the most committed I am gonna get to something/anything..

Oh and before I forget, my younger brother Ashish Chauhan, is off on his first of many Merchant Naval sail. So a big shout out to him, and bring home the moolah baby!!! And no matter how many countries you visit, or how much cash you rake in, I am still gonna beat you at cricket. Wish him luck, and he may bring an expensive gift for you from the gulf. Below is another lame attempt at a meme, and at iconizing something we  do a lot whenever we are together.

Forgive me if the gamer in you is feeling ripped off, but I am busy playing Mass-Effect these days, and I am sure you would prefer a bear ripping your head off than me writing a review for you. Also in other news, I have a life.

Signing off,
Ayush 'Kabel' Chauhan

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